webMethods Integration 10.5 is now live!

We’re excited to share the latest version of webMethods Integration 10.5 is here and so is the updated Software AG installer! Start or continue your exploration of webMethods and download your free trial copy today:


Your feedback is always appreciated.

Enjoy webMethods!

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Hi Experts,

Is database component configurator available in 10.5 version. I have installed it and can see dbConfiguratorUI.bat file in “common\db\bin” location. But when trying to open it I am getting the error “Could not find or load main class com.softwareag.dcc.gui.Main”
could you please help me in installing the database components.

Thanks Deepak

Hi Deepak,

please check for latest Fixes for 10.5.
If I remember right there has been a DC-related Fix to solve this.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply. But I am currently using the trial version. How can I configure the databases in that case.


Hi Deepak,

The dbConfigurator command line is available. You can use the same. The UI is giving issues which needs to be fixed using DC_10.5_DCC_Fix1/Fix2.

Please check this document for more info on the DCC command line tool. Options and examples are in the page 65:



License for IS is failing. I have added provided license file for IS. Is starts, displays invalid license file then shuts down with below log,

2020-02-25 19:13:33 IST [ISS.0014.0005I] Shutting down server. No valid license key was found.

Hi Vimal,

you will have to download a fresh copy of the trial which includes an updated license file.

After setting up the new version you should be able to continue to use the existing database schema.


Thanks for the update. But we get the download link and the license in an email from TechCommunity. Its the same license key in the file evertime and throws same error.

Hi Vimal,

please check if there is a licenseKey.xml in the IntegrationServer/instances/default/config directory.

Was this instance working already or did it fail directly from the beginning after installation?

In previous versions IS would start even with invalid or expired license for 30 minutes so you can point it to a valid license file via IS Admin UI -> Settings navigation.

Is there a more detailed message in the server.log why IS considers the license file invalid?


License is plaved in the valid directory as suggested. Is starts and shuts down after 30 minutes.

Just to add, i have two IS instance running on 2 different machines, using same license. Could that be the issue here ?

Hi Vimal,

I dont think so.
But this might be related to the nature of the license as it is a trial one and not a regular one.

Is it possible to run the two instances on one box, either in two different installation directories or by creating two instances from one installation directory?


Sure, i can try that. Will get back.

Turns out it was due to two IS instances, different host. Have only one running now, working fine :slight_smile:

Issue reported regarding DB Configurator is still there on the latest trial images I downloaded today.
UI Version is giving error:
Error: Could not find or load main class com.softwareag.dcc.gui.Main
Even my case is also same, i don’t have access to empower to download fix. Any other alternative available, please suggest.


Hi Manoj,

as far as I understood the free trial for 10.5 will not support UI-based DCC at all, only CLI-based.

UI-based DCC should be available whith regular 10.5 release when the correct fixes are applied.
The bare GA version of 10.5 is missing the DCC UI as well.


Hello There is there way to have DB Configurator in trial version. As the forum suggest we need to download latest fixes.
How do we download latest using trial account. Appreciate your help, thanks

Hi Shrinivas,

the Trial version only supports CLI version of DB Configurator.
UI version of DB Configurator is only available for regular GA version with recent fixes.