webmethods integrated with source control TFS

Is there any possibility to integrate webMethods Developer with source control system TFS (MS Team Foundation Server)?

How reliable is the webmethods VCS plugin (wmVCS)? Is it only used for ClearCase and SourceSafe?

If there are any users of the wmVCS plugin reading this, I would very much like to hear your thoughts about it!

I am using webmethods 7.1.2.

How reliable is the webmethods VCS plugin (wmVCS)? Is it only used for ClearCase and SourceSafe? →

You can also include open source SubVersion and it is pretty much working that you need for version control usage.



Our client is using TFS for Version Controlling. Is there a way to integrate webMethods Designer (8.0 Developer) with TFS by leveraging the Eclipse plug-in for TFS?
We would like to Check-in and Check-out the code from TFS server through Designer. Please let me know the Best practices if TFS with webMethods has ever been implemented.

Appreciate your help in advance.


Afaik there is not module for using TFS with webMethods Integration Server. But even the supported solutions are yet not very reliable. Having the SVN plugin for a local IS, where only one user is connected works. Having more than one user connected to an IS having Source control enabled leads ro problems as the users are not properly separated, even if you disable the user caching if svn.

If you have IS running locally for every developer, you can use an external versioning client for the packages. With respect to subversion, make sure to remove the .svn directories before deploying, as they tend to mess up deployment.

Versioning the files saved locally from Designer (Processes, CAF) is straightforward on the other side, you can either us an external versioning clients or just install a plugin (like Subclipse) into Designer, which works quite fine.