Webmethods - importing Stripe API into Integration Server

I am trying to import Stripe API into my IS(9.6) and I have taken following action

1- I have copied stripe-java-2.8.0.jar under

  • /IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages//code/jars
  • /IntegrationServer/instances/default/lib/jars/

2- I am able to see that jar file is present Server Classpath in the About page of IS.
3- I have restarted the server (not stop/start) and also reloaded the package few times.
4- I have also added package in menifest.v3

Still I am not able to import Stripe classes in my Java service.

Anyone able to help/advice.

Thank you

Hi Muhammad,

can you share a screen shot of the import section of your java service, please?

Are you uisng Local Service Development feature?

There is a little difference where the classes are available dependend on where you place them:
When placing them in the package, they will be only visible within this package and all packages that declare this one as a package dependency. This one only requires package reload when jar changes.

When placing them under lib/jars of the IntegrationServer (a better place would be lib/jars/custom), they are vislble to all packages on IS.
This one requires IS restart when jar changes.

Unfortunately they need to be imported to Designer separately to get the warnings about missing imports resolved.
But this does not hinder you to develop without this. You will have to write down the import statements manually in this case, leading to the missing imports warning, but when saving the service it will be compiled on the server without issue as the classes are loaded by reloading the package or restarting the IS.


The jar file needs to be imported locally to your designer work-space to avoid missing imports error. Refer Service Development Help guide for more details.

Yes correct, Once I imported in the .classpath file in my workspace, I was able to import in designer as well :slight_smile:

Thank you