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As we will use Github Enterprise solutions for our Devops platform, we wanted to know if it is possible to use Github Packages for storing our builds.
Our builds are generated by ABE which creates the build.zip files.

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Hello Semengue,

Storing a .zip file is the right way. Apart from the format, the following information are required,

  1. Is the asset re-usable ?
  2. What are the contents inside the .zip file ?
  3. How pertinent is the use-case, in the way, if the use-case is already in working condition or workable.


Hello Avik,

Thank you for your reply. Below are my answers :

  1. Yes
  2. Business IS packages
  3. After a developer finish his work, he creates a build (build.zip) which must be delivered on staging and production environment. So we need a storage space for this build (ex: Nexus repository) and we wanted to know if Github Packages could be this space.



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