webMethods free trail license expiry

Hi Folks
I have recently installed webMethods integration free trial 10.11 by downloading free trial installer, image (zip file) & licenses from download section of Tech Community.

The license zip file name shows that expiry is 10-30-2022 as shown in below screenshot. I assume it means Oct 30th


I would like to know what will happen to my recently installed webMethods suite after 10-30-2022? Will we have to download & install new trial version after 10-30-2022? or will we have to download & install new licenses only?

Please advise/comment

Hi Mubarik,

You’ll have both options, but I highly recommend you download the newest version when we release it, as you will be able to explore all newer and better functionalities, have latest fixes, etc.

Hello Toni

Thanks for your response on this one.

I would certainly like to go with your recommendation to download and install newer version (when its available). However, I would like to know will I have to completely “uninstall” existing version (10.11) before installing newer version? or can I install newer version atop existing one and installer will update/upgrade existing version to newer version automatically?

Actually I am new to webMethods and I have no prior experience of installing newer version atop existing version, and hence don’t how to upgrade to newer version.

I am not sure if upgrade is going to happen automatically (via newer version installer wizard) or if we need to do it manually?

Please advise/comment


The Free Trial installation is done via an installation image, not the Software AG Installer so I’m afraid an uninstall/reinstall will be needed.
I think @John_Carter4 was looking into that, but for webMethods Service Designer.

Hi Toni
if uninstall/reinstall is needed then ok I can do it as currently its trial version installed on local enviornment for learning/POC purpose but this leads me to a question about how webMethods upgrade is performed in case of Production environment?

Do we have uninstall & reinstall Production version also? In future, if we plan to acquire Production version of webMethods and install it then in case of any version upgrade do we have to uninstall/reinstall in Production environment also?

For sake of my knowledge & information, can you please let me know what is recommended or practiced approach to upgrade webMethods version in Production?

@Mubarik , You can either use scripts located under IntegrationServer/bin/migrate to perform the migration from source to destination or you can also use Command Central for doing the upgrade.

Please have a look @ Upgrading Software AG Products On Premises (softwareag.com) providing details on Upgrade options available for Integration Server.


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