Webmethods flow service calls with Flutter

is it possible to integrate Flutter as front end with web methods for building single web page?

Hi Ameya,

can you provide some more details about your request please?
Your question is not quite clear to me.


Hi Ameya,

Are you looking for using webMethods as a back end system for your Flutter UI framework? In turn, webMethods talking to your application database or some other end system to pull/store the data referenced on UI.

Provide more information on this so that we can suggest our views.

Firoz N

ok, so basically i had build a single web page using dsp.
But i want to achieve the same web page by using flutter as front end. the data retrieval should be done through Flow Services and result should be passed to the font end.
i.e. webMethods should be back-end system.

Yes Firoz,
this is exactly what i am looking for.


DSP does invoke webMethods flow services and is supported by default. but I’m not sure of Flutter on this.

but if Flutter allows you to invoke HTTP/REST then you can invoke flow services using this HTTP/REST and then get the data from webMethods.

But your front end code will become huge but that’s the way I see.

Firoz N

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ok, ya flutter/dart supports HTTP calls.
i was looking for more options on this topic because flutter has excellent state management methods. its interesting.
i hope i will find more posts related to these topics .
fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Thank you firoz.