webMethods DevBytes

New webMethods video tutorials to jumpstart your platform exploration

What if we told you that you can explore the latest features and functionality of webMethods in just 3 minutes?

webMethods DevBytes are a new short video tutorial series designed to easily onboard you with webMethods and the platform’s multiple and powerful features. Learn how to set up trading partners in webMethods.io B2B, integrate Cumulocity with webMethods API or process rules with webMethods.io B2B. And that’s just the start of it!

With webMethods DevBytes you can not only see webMethods in action, but also discover multiple uses of the platform - presented to you directly by our product managers. Be the first to hear about the latest enhancements and planned improvements and grow your platform knowledge as you go.

Feel free to send us your feedback - your opinion matters to us! Let us know what features and functionality you’d like to see explained in the series – just add your topics in the comments section below. Who knows – your DevByte may come along very soon!

And last, but not least, if you want to see a more detailed demo of a webMethods product, you can always explore our bi-monthly DevCast demos. See what demos are coming up and explore our DevCast library here.

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