webMethods video release notes

Issue 2, 2016

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See new features come to life with video release notes

The latest release of webMethods, version 9.10, is now generally available. Typically, the best way to learn about new product features is to read the release notes. For this release however, we are piloting a new way to help you learn more about new features—video release notes. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Release notes and readmes

There are two important documents that provide information about a new product release: readme and release notes. The readme for each product lists, in detail, all (bug) fixes, changes to services and APIs, deprecations and removals. The new features and capabilities for the whole product suite are listed in the release notes. This single document provides an excellent summary of each new feature in just a few sentences. But where do you look if you want to learn more about a particular feature you read about in the release notes? Until now, you had to try and find the relevant section in the main product documentation.

Introducing video release notes

To help bridge the gap between release notes and product documentation, we are piloting video release notes. These are short video recordings of each new feature mentioned in the release notes. Presented by a Software AG Product Manager, these videos provide context about a new feature as well as a live demo of the feature in action. This will help you understand why the feature was implemented, what value it provides, and when and how to use it. The demo will also quickly show you where to find it.

The video release notes pilot for this release of webMethods addresses the following products:

  • Command Central
  • Application Platform

You will find direct links to the video release notes within the release notes document available on the Software AG documentation website. You can also access them directly from each product area on the Tech Community.

Figure 1: Easily learn how to use new product features by viewing video release notes, presented by Software AG Product Managers.

Tell us what you think

We are constantly striving to improve the information we provide to you, our users. So please take a few minutes to look at the video release notes and send us your feedback via this quick survey. If feedback is positive, we will expand video release notes to cover more products in the next release.

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More information

Release notes, containing links to the video release notes are available through http://documentation.softwareag.com  under webMethods > webMethods Product Suite > webMethods Product Suite 9.10 > Release Notes.

Readmes are available through http://documentation.softwareag.com under webMethods > webMethods Product Suite > webMethods Product Suite 9.10 > Readmes.

Be sure to visit the product sections of the Tech Community and look for the video release notes for:

Please provide your feedback on video release notes by taking our survey