webMethods Cloud Container-Executing Services using Two-way SSL API Invoke


In this document you will learn how to configure two-way SSL with X.509 authentication for API which is directly invoked.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Login to your Cloud Container and click on settings then Client Certificate tab.

Select the User. Then You can either upload a certificate to the user if there are any available CA-signed certificates. Otherwise you can generate the certificate and key by clicking on Generate. This will give you single file txt containing file and certificate both. Something like below.

After downloading the file, copy the private key to a file and name it as {privateKeyFileName}.key and the Certificate to a file and name it as {CertificateFileName}.crt. We have named them as with our username i.e. sandbox1.key and sandbox1.crt.

You can separately download the certificate by clicking Download button on the Certificate page.

We are using Postman Rest client for invoking this service. Open the Postman REST client and click Settings > Certificates. Then click Add Certificate.

And provide your sandbox details port as 8433 and upload crt and key files. And click Add.

Now go to your Solution in Cloud Container.

I have already deployed my IS package “Accounts” which has service “getAccounts” this takes input and returns some output.  

Click on API Details of the service and copy the URL. Also, note the input Structure.

Scroll Down, and you will notice the Parameters for invoking this service.

Now switch back to Postman and provide API url which you have copied above in your rest invocation. Also, add the port 8443 in the URL after the sandbox name with a :  .

Provide input details.

Now go to the authorization tab and select No Auth.

Now go to Headers section and provide details of content type.

Now click on the send button, you will see the result of service invocation.