WebMethods Client List Table Extraction

Hi, is there a way i can extract the list without using the export table?

I want to create a script where i can pull out the data in the tables from its DB or path in the server. I’m not sure where it is found, I’m trying to look for it but still no luck, can’t find where webMethods is getting those data.

URL shows it is from /meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000005155 but can’t find it in the server, i only saw wm_xt_fabricfolder in jar file type and it is in a different path.

Hope you can help me, thanks.

Note:client IDs removed for confidentiality.

I have two approaches to get the clients on the broker

Approach #1, on each, IS get the trigger node by the package, getClientPrefix and append that to form the clientID’s.

Refer the services in WmRoot package to do this.

Approach #2, By using the webMethods Broker Admin Java API and webMethods Broker Client Java API

See docs for more details.

Any questions?

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Thank you! Will try this, and will update you.

I’ll work on this and update if I have more questions. Thank you!