Webmethods cannot send IDOC to SAP

Hi, we have an IDOC in SAP and our developers changed some of its segment layout. Our webmethods admins redownloaded the IDOC so webmethods should be aware of the latest formats. But when Webmethods is attempting to send an IDOC to SAP, we have an error:
“cannot process segment. No metadata defined for segment in SAP system <SAPSYSTEM/CLIENT>.”

(in the actual message the placeholders have the actual values)

Can anybody please advise what step could we have missed (either in SAP or WM)?

Thank you!

Hi Gergs,

before reloading the IDoc metadata definition you will have to clear the DDIC cache for the sap instance/doc type combination from SAP Adapter admin.

Otherwise the new definitions wont be able to the SAP Adapter services.
Additionally check any services which are mapping data to the IDoc to map to the correct structures.


Hi Gergs ,

There are 2 things that you need to ask your webMethods Administrator to check .

  1. wM Admin needs to cross the IDOC canonical document which is created or loaded from SAP repository contains all segments .

  2. Try to lookup the IDOC structure which you newly modified in the SAP from webMethods SAP Adapter home page to check if that contains newly added segment or not .

3 . Also clear the DDIC cache from webMethods SAP adapter home page for that specific sap instance and IDOC . (As suggested by Holger)

Please provide us the ouput of above steps .