webMethods Business Console Deprecation

In October 2022 Software AG has officially announced that webMethods Business Console is deprecated and does not have a replacement. The deprecation is reflected in the official documentation of the product and the Business Console Release Readme for release version 10.15.

What is changing?

Release 10.15 is the last release for webMethods Business Console. Business Console will not be shipped with, nor will it be compatible with future versions of webMethods.

We will continue to support the released versions of the product up to and including 10.15 for the period of time defined in the official Software AG Maintenance Policy.

Why is Software AG making this change?

After evaluating the overall status of Business Console, Software AG determined that it is not feasible to keep the underlying technology of Business Console up-to-date with the current security requirements for Software AG products.

What does it mean for you?

  • If you do not use Business Console…
    • the change does not affect you in any way and no action is required.
  • If you use the standard Business Console views to monitor and manage tasks and processes…
    • you can continue to use the standard My webMethods user interface for basic task and process management, however, we recommend you consider the flexibility provided by popular UI technologies, such as Angular, React or Vue.js, in combination with the APIs provided by the webMethods BPM components.
  • If you have developed custom gadgets or views for Business Console…
    • we recommend rebuilding those using a UI-building technology that allows you to bind with the APIs provided by the webMethods BPM components (Task Engine and Process Engine). Some examples of such technologies are Angular, React or Vue.js.

Software AG recommends that you prepare for your next upgrade by moving away from Business Console while you are still running an earlier version (10.15 or older) – before you embark on the upgrade project itself.