WebMethods Broker with Free Trial Version 9.6

I was trying to evaluate this feature with the trail version available online. But I’m not sure this available with the free trial version. Is there way to get it?

Thanks in advance.


Do you want to evaluate wM broker with the free trail version 9.6?

I assume the feature should be provided in the trail version if not contact your local SAG sales team.

Thanks Mahesh for your response.

Well it doesn’t have the wmBroker Messaging feature with it, atleast in the image that I downloaded yesterday and based on the limited documentation that I have at my disposal.

I’m able to configure connectors to third party JMS providers, but what I was really looking for is a way to MWS to setup JNDI Provider, Connection Factories, etc.

Thanks and Regards.

by any chance, do you guys have v9.6 images?

if you have any links can they be shared?

v9.6 images is not available on the SAG tech community site. As of now only v9.7 free trial image is available.

Kindly request for the links from the downloads page.