webMethods BPM status is not changing

Hi All,

We have BPM flows in wM 9.12 and some of the process get failed . After we re-submit the process steps are getting success but status is not updating (still showing as failed) which is causing problem in joing/initiating child process.

Also have noticed after resubmit last-updated-time column is not getting updated.

Anyone having any idea on this?

Hi Baharul,

please check your FixLevel for ProcessRunTime and DatabaseScripts.
Recent Fix Level would be PRT_9.12_Fix13 and DBS_9.12_Fix15.
The schema Version for ProcessAudit part should then be migrated to version 81.

When updating database scripts remember to migrate the db schema accordingly.


Hi Holger ,

For PRT we have PRT_9.12_Fix10 and working fine in other server. What is DBS fix level , where I can find it.

Also why need to migrate schema version for processAudit as there is no wM version migration .

Hi Baharul,

this interdependency is documented in the Readme for PRT-Fix. PRT Fix13 is requesting DBS Fix8 or higher.

You will find the DBS Fix Level in UpdateManager when checking for installed Fixes or in the about page of DatabaseConfigurator.

The schema version can be found in the database view INSTALLED_COMPONENTS (latest installed version only) or in the table COMPONENT_EVENT, which also lists migrations for the schema parts being installed in this database.