Different in BPM status Failed & Failed(Escalated)

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We are using wm 9.7 version where we can observe in one environment whenever BPM get failed status is changing to Failed(Escalated) whereas in other server it is Failed. What is the possible reason for status getting changed to Failed(Escalated) because once it get Failed(Escalated) no longer we can re-submit the process any more.


There has been a change in WmPRT from 9.10 version if I remember correctly and I have faced these issues.

Use pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus to change status and refer BPM_Process_Development_Help.pdf and Monitor_Users_Guide.pdf

Also in the past, there was a KB article published on the same, have a look at the Empower.

I guess following is the link for the KB article what Mahesh was referring to:

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Thanks for posting the link!

I think due to BPM design change it will have an impact on BPM upgrades which results in an additional task, do you know if this is handled by the migration script?