webMethods API Gateway Q&A - Developer Portal NPE while republishing an API

Detailed explanation of the problem:

Both API Gateway and Developer Portal 10.11 are hosted in Kubernetes.

  1. Successfully created an API and published it to the Developer Portal with no errors, and it functions as expected.

  2. Upon updating the API with the “Identify & Authorize User” policy, say, with the API Key option, an attempt to publish to the Developer Portal results in an UI: ERROR see the log files for the error message from the developer Portal

  3. Additionally, clicking on the same API in the Developer Portal page after encountering the error triggers a Nullpointerexception.

Fixed in Developer Portal 10.11 fix 5. Below is the fix read me for user reference –
DPO-475 -

Null pointer exception when republishing an API. A NullPointerException message appears when you republish an API from API Gateway that is in a Kubernetes environment.

This issue is resolved.