Webmethods and SAP integration


We have the below scenario,

Webmethods Integration server - DEV
SAP system1 - DEV1(application server1 , username, password)
SAP system2 - DEV2(application server2, username, password)

Dev need to integrate with SAP system 1 and 2, so we created two RFC connections in IS - SAP adapter section. Now the issue is Admin team is saying they cannot enable both the RFC connection alias(Don’t know the exact reason for this) same time.

But in webMethods desiger, we have a requirement like some interface’s adapter service should call SAP1 system and some interfaces adapter service call SAP2 system. since both are not enabled we are not able to meet this.

Could you please provide your thoughts on the possible reasons, why Admin is saying they cannot enable both RFC’s which are listening to different SAP instances( having different server names, but same username and password)…

kind regards,

To understand correctly, from Dev server you are trying to connect to 2 different SAP system having same username and password, but different server name. I hope not the same alias name. As per my understanding it should work. Please pass on the error message generated while you enable both RFC connections.


I agree with Dinesh.

This should be working as long as both sap systems have different instance names.

When they have the same instance name, they both need to provide the same IDoc and RfC structures as SAP Adapter create one DDIC repository for each instance name.