webMethods AgileApps v10.16 release announcement

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of webMethods AgileApps v10.16 for our on-prem customers! The team is still working on the date for our cloud release, but it will have the same features as the on-prem version.

Highlights of the release

MySQLv8 support

AgileApps now supports MySQLv8. MySQLv5.7 reaches the end of support in Oct 2023 and hence customers can choose to upgrade their infrastructure in two steps - from their current AgileApps version to v10.16 keeping the same database version and then upgrading the database version to MySQLv8.

Flexible View Design

Users can now design their views flexibly by choosing columns they want in their views and removing other columns which are not needed.

Multi-File Attachments Upload and Download

Users can now upload and download multiple files as part of the record attachment capability and will not need to upload or download one file at a time.

OAuth support for Email Channels

Since Basic Authentication is now being deprecated by many email service providers, OAuth will now be provided for the Email Channel functionality for major service providers like Outlook, Google, etc.

Refer to the following link to see the 10.16 release notes:
Version 10.16 Installable (October 2022 - webMethods Suite Version 10.7) (agileappscloud.info)

Apart from this, the webMethods AgileApps team is happy to announce Software AG’s unique partnership with Escriba to carry forward the roadmap for AgileApps with some new and exciting features. If you had been waiting on some feature in Brainstorm or from Product Management, it is now going to be on the way shortly! Reach out to info@escriba.de for some exciting Document Management Solutions built on your very own AgileApps.