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Hi All,

Hope some of you were able to attend the AgileApps webinar. For those who could not please look forward to the link of the recorded webinar from the CU team. It covers the features that we released in Oct 2022, roadmap for next year and a unique solution that Escriba has built on top of AgileApps.

Meanwhile, the partnership between SoftwareAG and Escriba for progressing the roadmap of AgileApps is proceeding well and the team is getting ready to deliver its first independent RnD delivery with quite a few features on the way. For some of you, who love the product and its capabilities, it will be a refreshing change to see what we are bringing in the first release.

We are launching a short survey for AgileApps to collect some feedback for the product and connect with some of you who want to influence the roadmap of the product. Please take a few minutes to answer this survey. I would have preferred to launch this survey on AgileApps itself, that too will happen one day, but till then here is the link to the google survey form.

AgileApps feedback survey (

Feel free to forward this survey to your close customer contacts as well.

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Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to the webinar recording

Do let me know if you have any questions. Please don’t forget to answer the survey and AgileApps will try to live upto its expectations of the second highest feature requests on brainstorm !!


Hi Gaurav,

I clicked on the link, but it requires a login which I do not have.

Can you make it available without requiring a login?


Software AG LP: webMethods Agile Apps - What’s new in 10.15 and Roadmap Ahead

This is a partner learning portal and should hopefully not need any login.

This is what I see now:

Hi Howard,

Apologies for all the trouble. Customers need to create an account for ( by clicking sign up here as in below screenshot) and then they can access.


I tried signing up, but the system said my username, which is my email address was already used. I have two accounts, one for Empower and one for the SAG Forum. Since it recognized my account, I tried those credentials, but neither set of credentials worked. I then tried to setup a new account and it won’t accept my email address as the username. So then I tried the SSO option, and that accepted my Empower credentials, but is now requiring me to change my password, which I am hesitant to do, not sure how that will impact my Empower access.

Should I use a new set of credentials for this site?

Happy new year to you and your families everyone !!

Thanks everyone for all the survey responses. We got tons of valuable info and made useful deductions from the responses analyzed so far and summarizing few of them below.

  1. Your brainstorm and aha feature requests will be getting timely responses.
  2. Custom UI templates has been one of our biggest offerings in AgileApps off late, but has not got the desired interest. It solves custom UI requirements for customers wanting to hi-code their user interfaces. We will be uploading a few more samples shortly.
  3. We will soon be launching certifications for the product, hence experts and beginners both can test their knowledge of the platform.
  4. Some exciting features on the way - so do keep logging in frequently to your tenants and keep trying the new features. Planning a substantial cloud update in Feb/Mar end which will upgrade the platform to 10.16 and the underlying MySQL to v8. So look forward to our release notes.


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