New Runtime UI released on AgileApps Cloud update for May 2019

Hello Users,

We completed a big upgrade of our Agileapps Cloud platform last month and this took a while as it had to be done globally on all our datacenters.

But finally you have a new look AgileApps Runtime UI especially for the end users of your applications. The design time remains the same and no change there but you can get a touch and feel experience of the new UI by going to Account Management and Company Information and choose the Preview option for the new UI. This will provide you an option to switch between old and new UI and feel the difference. Check things which are working. Send us your wows and more importantly send us feedback about what you do not like. We will be happy to accept all the brickbats and fix them in our next update.

Check out our release notes for more information as below

We also have a new language for our European and South American customers - Portugese.

Happy Application Building !!

Gaurav Jain
Product Management