webMethods Adapter for JDBC and PostgreSQL


We are trying to configure a JDBC Connection to a PostgreSQL database with Integration Server 9.6 and webMethods Adapter for JDBC 9.0 but when we try to enable the connection we have the following message :

[ADA.1.619] Configuration file not loaded succesfully. Please check the configuration file of NOSUPPORT
java.io.FileNotFoundException: packages/WmJDBCAdapter/config/NOSUPPORTTypeMapping.xml

So I tried to copy the POSTGRESTypeMapping.xml into NOSUPPORTTypeMapping.xml and restarting the IS but we then have a NullPointerException when trying to enable the connection.

We did the same work and configuration as we do everyday on Integration Server 8.2 : we have the JDBC jar of PostgreSQL which we put in the WmJDBCAdapter code jars folder and so on…

Please help

Thanks in advance


Hi Mehdi,

can you share a more detailed overview of your versions (IS, ART, JDBC-Adapter)?

As JDBC Adapter 9.0 is only supported on IS 9.0 and newer you might want to try the JDBC-Adapter 6.5 on your IS 9.6 and see if this works.

Additionally it might be worth opening a ticket at SAG support related to this.


Hi Mehdi,

PostgreSQL Database is not supported in wM Adapter for JDBC 9.0 and IS 9.6.

However, PostgreSQL is supported on wM 8.2 SP2 + wM JDBC Adapter 6.5 for Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0. Are you using these for your day-to-day operations?

Kindly refer to:

Hope that helps!

Yes the above information is correct and it will be supported in the 3rd quarter of 2015 (webMethods version 9.9)


Thank you all for your answers but you scare me !

It is not possible at all to have a JDBC Adapter with PostgreSQL database on a 9.6 IS ? Even with JDBC Adapter 6.5 instead of 9.0 ?

Thanks in advance


:frowning: This information is per as the “webMethods Adapter System Requirements”

Try contacting the support. Lets see what they will suggest.

I suggest OP contact Global Support to get firm answers on this. :slight_smile: We still don’t know whether they’ll release it later this year.

Here is an easier reference on what RDBMS IS 9.6 supports (look for “Supported RDBMs”):

You can also cross-check this document if other components you plan to integrate with IS 9.6 are supported.


Even if IS itself is not supporting PostgrSQL this does not mean that the JDBC-Adapter is also not supporting it.

I would give it try with IS 9.6, JDBC-Adapter 6.5 and Dirver provided by PostgreSQL (as described in the AdapterRequirementsGuide for JDBC Adapter 6.5 on IS 8.2 SP2).

I think it will be working even if it is not stated in the AdapterRequirementsGuide.

As long as there is a JDBC-Type4 (Thin-Mode, pure Java) driver provided by the database vendor it should be possible to connect the database via JDBC-Adapter.

For JDBC-Adapter 9.0 a driver with JDBC 4.x Support might be needed.