WebMethods 9.7 Free Trial - Which username and password are required?

I’ve created an AWS instance (Ubuntu 14.04, m2.micro) and downloaded the Installer and Image file sent to me via email to the it.

I’ve installed Java 8 and then attempted to install webMethods using the following command:

java -jar SoftwareAGInstaller201410.jar -console -readImage=webMFREEDownload97Linux64bit.zip -installDir=webMethods

The installation starts but then requests a username and password for the ‘installer server’.

I’ve tried the username and password I used when registering for tech community in order to access the free trial. This is rejected.

Does anyone know what I should be using?



It might be expecting your system admin username and password.

It might be expecting your system admin username and password.

I’ve tried sudoing - this message still occurs:

The user name and password are case sensitive.
After you select N (Next), the installer will connect to the installer server to retrieve the list of software and updates available to install. The only information sent will be your user name and password.

User name: [ ] ?

I got your problem. It is asking for your empower login and password to download the image.

Kindly download the webMethods 9.7 image which is around 3.5 to 4.5 GB from the link you received in email and then start your installation.

Refer the below link:


empower login is required if you don’t have image.

If you have an image, you don’t need empower login. Instead, You try to install from image option.

Thanks for all your help. I figured out i was stupidly using -readFile= rather than -readFile. Something I figured out by turning the debug logs on.

Really appreciate the support.