webMethods 8 32 bit installation

Does it possible to install 32bit version of webMethods 8 or 7.1.2 suites on 64 bit win 7 OS? If yes, any pointers on the installation steps? Installer does not allow to download or install 32 bit image on 64bit machine.

Does the 32 bit installation work without any issues on 64bit OS. Any insight into this much appreciated?


This should at least be possible for the Integration Server. We have performed such a setup on Windows 2003 64bit. We managed to install a 32- and 64-bit Integration Server instance side-by-side.

You can first create a Windows 32-bit webMethods image on a Windows 32-bit machine using the installer (see the advanced options of the webMethods installer). I think you can then use this webMethods software image to install the 32-bit integration server on the 64-bit machine. If not you should install the 32-bit integration on a 32-bit O.S. and copy the webMethods folder to the 64-bit machine. After updating the server.bat file with the correct folder and JVM settings you should be able to start up your 32-bit Integration Server on Windows 7 64-bit.


I have tried your first option to download 32 bit image. During the installation, the installer does not allow to select the image file and says the file corrupt.

I would try the second option to copy the webMethods folder from 32bit installation and copy it to 64 bit to see if that works.

BTW, do you know how to change the JVM setting so that the installer recognise the 32bit image file and start install. I have removed the 64 bit JVM from the machine and installed 32bit JVM, but also the installer did not recognise?


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