webMethods 8.2- developer.bat issue


I installed webMethods 8.2 version on server as a service.

Whenever i run the developer tool. A command prompt opens, if i close it, developer tool is also getting closed.

when i do it for 7.12 version developer, it is working good.

only difference is when click 7.12 developer properties its invoking developer.exe
But in 8.2 its invoking developer.bat

how can i solve this issue.

Please help…

thanks in advance

You should have both “developer.bat” and “developer.exe” in the directory.
Both of them launch the Developer.

When using the .bat, the Developer is started from a “DOS console”. So if you close it, the Developer stops. It can be helpfull if your Developer crashes, you can see the log of the Developer.

Thanks for your response.

I don’t see developer.exe in Developer bin folder.

How can i fix it?? Is it a install failure??

Any help??

I’ve just installed the 8.2 Developer/Designer in order to test (I use the 8.0).

The .exe is not present. So you have to use the .bat :slight_smile:
Just minimize the window.

But I have also read an interesting thing in the documentation:

You can use the Designer to solve your “problem” :wink:

Thanks ArnaudW. I’m glad that its not my install issue.

Not sure why SoftwareAG implemented this way for developer tool.

Should be ditching Developer and using Designer now. Even if you’re still on an earlier version than 8.2: you should get the 8.2 IDE and use designer.

There are one or two types of element you might need developer for: but use Designer as your primary one.


webMethods 8.2 only allow developer to start via command line.

The console is to let you see the debug message that written by the developer.
I also noticed this tips from developer documentation.

“Tip! When you run Developer from the command line, Developer writes messages to
the console. The amount and type of information that is written is determined by the
debug level under which Developer is operating. The default debug level is 4. If you
want more detail written to the console, set the debug level to 10. You can change the
debug level by editing the ini.cnf file located in Developer_directory\config.”

Thanks Pchew!

so we can run only the IDE thru the console and not thru the windows .exe file…pls correct me if i am wrong… Also any body knows y this has been set like this. Any security reasons behind the scene?

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