webMethods 10.3 not able to resubmit message from TN services for service pub.client.ftp:put


I am not able to resubmit erroneous calls to an FTP server using pub.client.ftp:put even though Audit/include pipeline = “on error only” for the service where I use pub.client.ftp:put.

Any idea why I am not able to resubmit? The problem was a connection issue which is now fixed and new messages are coming thru nicely.

Br Mikael

Hi Mikael,

are there any error messages in the server.log regarding the resubmit?
Can you provide us with your wM version being used?


Hi Holger

thanks for looking at this. Our webMethods version is 10.3. The only error message I see is the connection timeout. The reason for the time out was probably a password issue but that has been fixed now but when resubmitting the message nothing happens. Not even a new timestamp and it also does not show up when selecting “resubmitted” in the monitor.

Best Regards Mikael

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