Service resubmission issue

Hi wmExperts,

I got a problem while resubmitting services from MWS Monitoring services portal. When i click on resubmit the service turns green and it changes status to resubmitted but MWS does not generate a new instance of that service. I checked wmMonitor configuration and server logger configuration (which writes on a sql Server DB) and it seems ok to me. I tried also to drop and create again the audit db but it did not solved the issue.

I’m running on webMethods 10.3 version, i provide an extract form the server.log file during the resubmission operation.

My concerns are on these two lines.

LWQ queue ‘ProcessAuditQueue’ attempts to insert event, AL event ID: ‘c93ece7b-3da3-dfaa-9e30-b65f1f528031’; LWQ message ID: -1

and on this one

pushed context: 3ac86b70-d4a2-452c-9e18-dbdac3b6f27f, 3c47466c-20dd-49fe-be7d-2bc97a982b0a, 3c47466c-20dd-49fe-be7d-2bc97a982b0a

because i noticed that on another server instance after this line the service gets executed again.

I hope you can help me

Thanks in advance Pasquale.

server.log (132 KB)