Webmethods 10.1 designer workstation installation, can't run DB Configurator on local MSSQL Database

I have 9.6 designer workstation installed locally.which uses an OracleXE localDB successfully.

I am installing 10.1 Designer workstation installation with with local MSSQL database on the same machine.

Following steps taken:

  • install MSSQL
  • create dbs in MSSQL for IS and TN

After the db is created, WM 10.1 install is then completed. For info different ports have been specified for the various products e.g. 4444 for integration server.

Can’t run dbConfigurator post webMethods installation on local MSSQL db with error

“Database Connection error: No suitable driver found for jdbc.wm.sqlserver:”

Could there be an issue with the two versions installed on the same machine?

Many thanks for any input.


hopefully you have choosen a different installation directory for the second installation.
Then there should be no issue with the different versions.

Please check if there need any fixes to be applied, i.e. SCG_DataDirect.

On the other side you can try to use the existing Oracle XE Database by just specifying different user/schema names.


Many thanks, yes there are in separate directories. If I have no futher luck with MSSQL will try your suggestion

Apologies for this log, the JDBC URL Used during the product installation was incorrect. However the error reported didn’t lead me to this conclusion.

Before URL was Jdbc.wm.sqlserver://localhost:2450;instanceName=SQLEXPRESS;databaseName=WMTN
After URL is Jdbc:wm:sqlserver://localhost:2450;instanceName=SQLEXPRESS;databaseName=WMTN