Webmethod 9.9 trial, adapters empty


I have installed Webmethod 9.9 Trial on Windows 8.1. When I start the integration server and log on port 5555, the Adapters folder is empty. As my trial only makes sense if I’m able to integrate with JDBC mysql db I need at least that adapter. What went wrong in my installation (no installation error)?

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check your install log at:
see if: WmJDBCAdapter was installed.
Not sure if it’s part of the trial version

Peter – Please share your installation logs to find any errors during installation.



WmJDBCAdapter is not installed. Appended the installation log (I did a complete deinstall and reinstall due to problems with the trial jar installer).

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installLog.txt (355 KB)

Peter – Any luck after re-installation.


No, still empty, nothing mentioned in the logs about the jdbc adapter installation

Peter – I can see that you have opted embedded Db due to which you don’t see JDBC details in your IS.


Peter-- By any chance did you install any other trial versions earlier with same Embedded DB option and have observed the same behavior ?


I can only use embeded DB, because I only have mysql installed which is not supported by the webmethod itself. So only chance is to install with embeded DB. For installation specific objects it seems that with the jdbc adapter mysql shoud work. But due to the missing adapter I’m not able to configure it.

Its my first trial installation with webmethod. I tried out jbpm so far which worked fine beside the missing integration support, which must be programmed with java. As we just bought ARIS in my company I asked SAG for a webmethod trial. As there is no support from our IT department for such a trial, I work on a local vmware machine on the laptop.

Hi Peter,

First of all let me ask: which trial package are you using, to as there is nothing like “Webmethod 9.9 Trial”?
I found the following partial matches at http://www.softwareag.com/de/products/download/default.asp :
(1) webMethods BPMS Free Trial
(2) webMethods Integration Free Trial

This forum is dedicated to (1). Subsequently I’m assuming you are using “webMethods BPMS Free Trial”.

Some clarifications:

  • The package does not support Windows 8.1 - license files being included are for Windows Server 2012 or Linux
  • In the "Guide to Downloading and Installing the webMethods BPMS Free Trial Version " at
    it is stated: “Please note that the webMethods BPMS free trial version has only been tested with Microsoft SQL Server.”
    Actually, Oracle has been tested as well, but I have no clue whether it is possible to get the setup running with mySQL.
  • The webMethods JDBC Adapter is not included in the BpmsTrial package
  • Either IS, and especially MWS need an external database, usage of embedded database is not supported for Bpms Free Trial package.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Uli Post


I got the following link after I registered for the trial:

Here the Mail I got:

Welcome to your webMethods Business Process Management Suite free trial from Software AG!

Below are the download files and documentation you will need to get started.

  1. FAQ 

A short list of commonly-asked questions with basic information about your webMethods BPMS trial such as file sizes, expiration period and links to technical resources.
2. Getting Started
You will want to have these instructions available before you begin to download and install your webMethods BPMS trial.
3. Files
Click to download the Windows or Linux install files appropriate for your operating system:
o Windows: BpmsTrial-9.9-Windows.pkg.zip
o Linux: BpmsTrial-9.9-Linux.pkg.zip
The Software AG TECHcommunityTECHcommunity_240px_75px.png

Be sure to take advantage of the rich and varied online resources including the Software AG TECHcommunity, where you can find articles, discussion forums, code samples, demos, documentation, downloads, newsletters, tips & tricks, tutorials, webinars and more. Go to techcommunity.softwareag.com/webmethods.

Have questions regarding your download? Email us: technologycommunity@softwareag.com. Need more information? Want to find out about pricing? Contact us.

We’ll follow up with you in an email in a few days to see how everything went. Once again, welcome to the webMethods Integration platform from Software AG!

Best Regards,
Software AG

But: why is there an option to use internal database it not supported? Beside the JDBC Adapter anything seems to work well, even on Windows 8.1 (I’m also in Contact with K. Yershov who supports me a bit. He also tested with Windows 8.1 and confirmed that it works). I have no option to use one of the officially listed OS.

And: I feared a bit your response, that the adapter is not part of the trial. Without that, I’m unable to perform the use case we planned with access to certain objects on our mysql database. So is there a way to get that adapter anyway for our test?

Many thanks in advance for your appreciated support.

Kind regards

Peter Kaufmann

You should talk directly with SAG support for the missing adapter in the Free installation.

This site is really for technical questions.

@ Peter,

webMethods Adapter 9.0 for JDBC should be a part of the free trial wM 9.9.

Can you share the screen shots where you select the components via SAG installer.

Hi Everyone,
I am enterprise user and i see WMJDBCAdopter, and All the VCS packages are missing, it does not even show as an option to select for 9.9.


Write to technologycommunity@softwareag.com

Hi all

Happy new year everyone.

Thanks for all the feedbacks. I followed the recommendation and asked SAG for support. The outcome was that I also downloaded the IS trial package. From this I could install the JDBC Adapter and it is working fine. In the meantime I also switched to SQL Server Express due to problems with mysql connection. That resolved a couple of issues I had.

So far now anything works fine to continue with our use case. I’m impressed from the tools which have a good handling. I only fight a bit with the complexity, but get good support so far from local SAG representative.

Kind regards