Webdav-Tamino security interface

I have Tamino authentication on “Tamino” and get an access error when accessing the Webdavserver. This occurs after I block the ino:security collection for all non authenticated users.

The normal users are member of a User group with an ACL that has ‘full’ rights on ino:security.
When I assign an ACL to the user group with my database name with ‘no’ permission for ino:security , then the webdav server gives a ServiceInitializationFailedException when accessing the configured stores.

The ServiceInitializationFailedException.xml reads:

Service DescriptorsStore initialization failed :
Authorization failed. Invalid userId and password!

How can I block access to ino:security for non-athenticated users, and, at the same time, use my WebDAV server.

Any help on this behaviour would be appreciated.


My configuration is:
Tamino Webdavserver
Win XP -professional

Hello Kees,

are you sure that the TWS is accessing Tamino with a user which has access to the required collections? In the urm_config.xml and Domain.xml configuration files you can define which users to use when accessing Tamino.

In urm_config.xml check that you set the attributes “databaseAccount” and “databasePassword”.

In Domain.xml you need to set the attributes “xdavAdminUser” and “xdavAdminPwd”.

Heiko Weber

Dear Heiko,

Thanks for your reply.

I am quite sure that the user accessing Tamino has all rights to the required collection.

I configured Tamino as listed below. Somehow tamino did add the user "