Web Services Glossary

One of the web sites that accompany Thomas Erl’s excellent "Service-Oriented Architecture" book provides a glossary of web services terms.

This is pretty handy whether you are new to web services or just need to explain key concepts to others who might be.



Does webMethods provide any whitepapers for converting already implemented webMethods integration solutions to webServices. Mainly in terms of overall solution and architecting around it.

Ramesh Kuruba.

Great question.

There is lots and lots of marketing stuff, webinars, etc. on Service-Orientation in general, but I don’t know of any webMethods docs on the topic you mentioned.

If your existing integration services are mostly implemented in Integration Server, you can find lots of information here in this (web services / soap) forum on how to expose IS services as web services.

Lately, I’ve found Thomas Erl’s SOA book to be useful with regard to implementing SOA principles.

Since the web services support in Integration Server does not yet support some componenets of the WS-I Basic Profile and WS-I Basic Security Profile, you’ll want to either build some of the capabilities like WS-Security (including encryption and signature) in IS or use other WM products such as ServiceNet or Glue to add them.



Thomas Erl has 2 SOA books

Service-Oriented Architecture:
A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services

Service-Oriented Architecture:
Concepts, Technology, and Design

which one is better read?

I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I like the chapters on service-oriented analysis, design and service modeling in the “Concepts” book.