Web service endpoints: same host, different path

We have a set of dev/test/prod web services hosted on the same IP address, but with different paths, e.g:

The web service endpoint alias feature seems to only cater for different IP address and same path, like this:

That’s not what we’re dealing with, unfortunately. How can we configure these path-based endpoints in our different IS environments?


You could try it like this. Define a web-app environment entry with some name, e.g. “wsEndpointURL.” In the view, set the endpoint url property of the web service to #env[“wsEndpointURL”] (please check the EL syntax, I’m writing off of my head).

Then you should be able to use the deployer and its variable substitution feature to set an appropriate URL for each environment (dev/test/prod) (IIRC env entries are subject for variable substitution in a deployer project). No MWS aliases would be needed.

Try to invoke adding port also, so that request will be routed to correct server

ex: https:\hostname:port\ws\dosomething

Yes adding port to the URL should do the trick.

Hi guys

Thanks for the replies! I think there’s been some misunderstanding: the port doesn’t change between web services, the path does. The hostname and port remain the same.

Yes you are right…as long your URL address works fine it should be good.

Hi guys, I still think there’s a misunderstanding here :slight_smile: Could I have an example of how to configure endpoints to keep the URL and port the same and just change the path: http://server:1234/some/web/service