web service connectors

Dear Team,
I am new to webMethods I have idea on web service descriptor and why we use this, but in my project i have seen web service connectors under connector Folder, I want to know how to create a web service connector.

Is web service descriptor and web service connector are different and how to use the web service connector and what is the use of this concept

Thanks for your time and reply

Hi Kiran,

please be aware that there are two types of Web Service Deskriptors: one for receiving Web Services (aka Provider) and one for calling Web Services (aka Consumer).

Both can be created from the same WSDL.

Dependent on what you want to do you will have to select the appropriate setting when creating via Designer wizard.

Please have a look at the WebService Development Guide for your wM version.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your time and reply.
web service descriptor and web service connector are they both different components.

Hi Kiran,

the WebService Descriptor is the node which contains the metadata of the webservice.

The connector (consumer) is part of the descriptor which calls the external webservice on your partners server.