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i have a doubt on webservice connector, when i include webservice connector it asks me for wsd or wsdl url, is it that it should be that only, what if i want to invoke a “asp” file on remote server knowing the input parameters of that “asp” file?? i am very new to webMethods please help me out…,. and what actually is WSD or a WSDL file??

You can use Integration Server and Developer to turn any service in any Integration Server package into a Web service. Integration Server provides an environment for executing services efficiently and securely.
In Developer, select any service, then Tools->GenerateWSDL , then Choose the protocol, then specify the location where you want to save the WSDL(WebService definition language) file.

A Web service connector is generated using WSDL document for the remote Web service, then run the connector.

A Web service connector is a flow service that has an input and output signature that corresponds to the input and output messages from the WSDL document from which it was created.

For more reference please refer :ISWebServicesGuides.pdf, ISSoapGuide.pdf, ISBuiltinServicesGuide.pdf

Puneet Saxena

Hi Venkat,
Sorry for typo error… WSDL –> WebServices Description Language “not” WebService definition language.

Hi All,
Well i have one problem:
In webMethods versions 6.0.1, When using pub.soap.utils:addHeaderEntry or pub.soap.utils:addBodyEntry, this service expects the node in bodyEntry or headerentry to be namespace qualified. If the node is not qualified, the service throws an exception.

XML node can be generated using services such as pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode. But this node is not namespace qualified.

1)How to generate a namespace qualified node(pls tell flow steps) ?
2)watt.server.SOAP.EnforceMsgPartNS is true by default; but there is no such entry in my server.cnf file; kindly tell where to set this setting as false.

Puneet Saxena

hi punit,
Dear I am not able to find that all books namely,
ISWebServicesGuides.pdf, ISSoapGuide.pdf, ISBuiltinServicesGuide.pdf
instead of it
i found


Can u tell me these both books are same or different.
If it is then can u send me that books.

Thanks in Advance
Istiyak Vasiwala

Hi dear,

These are the PDF files inbuild in webMethods documentation.
These two pdf’s are not same.
These are not the books written by two different writers for same fucntionality.

Go to the webMethods install directory and you would be able to see documentation in the doc folder for every webMethods component like developer, integration server, etc.