Web Service connector on deployment mapping

(on 8.2 SP1)

Contrary to my understanding the web services do not have a deployment mapping available in the Deployer service.

What is the best practice to remap a webservice connector on a deployment?

On a development environment, all servers are on server devhost1.lan.
Deployment divides services on a test environment to tstis.lan tstmws.lan tstbrk.lan.

How can a make a portlet that was created in devhost1.lan using a ws on devhost1.lan, deployed on tstmws.lan and use a ws on tstis.lan using only the administration consoles (IS/mws)?


SOLVED. :smiley:


Going through the forums, and with help with friends (thanks Maarten Bos) and SAG I have been able to solve this.

The problem still remains: webMethods Deployer cannot change a portlet property on the Deploy Map. (Maybe on a next fix? Please?).

The workaround:
From wmusers.com and http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/24981.page

  1. In the web connector in your portlet, define the Endpoint Address property as
#{environment["wsclient-endpointAddress"]}/<Full name of the WSD on the IS>

(put a slash there to separate the variable from the wsd name).

  1. the the the Full Name property on the properties view when you select the WSD from the Package Navigator (or you can copy/paste from the WSD to the text field as usual)

  2. Publish the portlet and deploy it

  3. Go the target MwMS and, as sysadmin, enter Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > CAF Application Runtime Configuration > [the name of your application portlet]

  4. Change the Web Application/Environment Entries/wsclient-endpointAddress value to match your WS target for that environment (do not end it with a slash/). Example:


I was getting wrong 1) and 5) (the slash…) and confused by the lack of an Portlet/Application entry in the Deploy Map step of the Deployer.

Season’s Greetings.