Web methods

I am new to web methods. Plz tell me some real time scenarios t implement them in web methods.plz send with codes.


There are many real time scenarios w.r.t to project. I would say first explore the flow tutorials availabe on SAG tech community, view videos on internet, read sag documentation on webMethods.

Here are the few real time scenarios for you to kick start with

1> XML to DB
2> DB to XML
3> Use flat file
4> FTP, File polling etc

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Hello Lalitha,

First you have to go through deeply the 7 flow steps with each and every property and built in services also. After please try the below real time scenarios.

  1. Flat file to EDI, XML to Flat file vice versa by using trading network and pub-sub model in Broker.
    2.Creating webservices and custom java services by using wM developer.
    3.Creating ACLs, Package migration and configuring the Adapters on Integration server.