Web methods Developer

I have downloaded webmethods Developer and WebMethods Integeration,weblogic adapter server from webmethods.com.while i try to change the webservice input variable default data type which is object to String ,i go through sequence of steps as given in the EJBTutorial.pdf,the cells are disabled .Not able to change the
properties.Please get back to me on this

To change the data type :

a) delete the existing object
b) click on the input panel and click on the drop down menu.
c) click on the String option
d) Give the appropriate name

I dont have a developer in front of me. So, there may be some discrepancy in what I am saying.

The other option that probably should work is to right click and change the property.

the service/record must not be locked - therefore all controls that edit values about it are disabled. Lock it first by right clicking on the server name in the tree view of Developer.

You do not have to delete the field to change the data type. There is a datatype list box on the properies dialog you get from right clicking on the field you want to change.