WCP for Windows - Sizing

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We have a customer with 3,000+ Windows XP machines running Natural for Windows and Entire Net-Work (old WCP) . The Entire Net-Work on the XP machines connect to Entire Net-Work on mainframe.

They are planning to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 and continue to deploy Natural for Windows and the new Entire Net-Work Client (WCL) on Windows 7.

Because of their old WCP version on the mainframe (which customer has no plan to upgrade), they will need to deploy WCP to inter-connect the new WCL to the old WCP on the mainframe.

The question that the customer has is what will be the size of the WCP gateway machine (CPU and RAM) and also the number of such gateway machines which may be required to support 3,000+ WCL.

Any information or guidelines will be very much appreciated.
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Accurate capacity planning of this sort is difficult without a physical layout diagram (networking connections, types and speeds, hardware on the mainframe etc) and an estimation of the traffic volumes expected.
If the mainframe handles all 3000+ connections at the moment (?)
concentrating traffic through a number of gateways will require careful thought to avoid bottlenecks.

What is the desire for the change?
More clients ?
Better performance ?
Better management?