Migrate from the MF to UNIX, Linux or Windows?

If you migrate away from the mainframe on what platform does SAG recommend to use Adabas? Should customers migrate to UNIX, Linux or Windows?

Does SAG has results of benchmark tests?

If you count 1,029,166,330 Adabas calls per week, start hundreds of jobs daily, and hundreds of users access the database daily then the question would be can Windows handle this?

I also started an online survey and will publish the results later on my Web site. The URL of the survey

I am really interested in what SAG will recommend.

Dieter Storr

Hi Dieter;

Too long between visits/conferences.

Instead of asking whether Windows could handle the load, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to ask how many Windows boxes working together could handle the load?

Could my desktop PC handle that load? No. Could 100 duplicates of my PC; absolutely yes. The question is how much horsepower is required. Other questions would be on the order of how easy it might be to logically divide the load and hence distribute the load across some number of PCs; whether all of the applications require access to all the data; how much of the data is required by all applications (if any), etc etc. Not easy questions.