"Classic" vs. current

I have been using the “classic” Entire Network (v2.x) on open systems for a number of years and finally starting the transition to the current v7.3 Entire Network.
It seems that the WCP product will not also act as a client for the machine that it is installed on, is this a case where both WCP and WCL will need to be installed onto the same machine so that this machine will allow remote access to its’ local databases AND still access remote databases on other machines?

Chad Soctt

You are absolutely correct in your assumption, Chad, with v7.3 you’ll need BOTH the server (WCP) and the client (WCL) pieces,
which is a major difference to previous versions where you weren’t even allowed to install both on the same machine.

Thanks Wolfgang!

Since the “classic” was a single product the previous version you mention must be the pre-v7.3 of the “modern”… I’m glad I didn’t try using it before!

Spot on again :wink:

Up to 7.2 you had to choose to either install WCP or WCL, it wouldn’t let you do both on the same box.