way to start the wrapper process again after stop

Hi all,

by mistake instead of killing the process of the java i kill by mistake in my test environment the wrapper-3.5.25 process in the
/WebM/Instance/TEST1/common/bin/wrapper-3.5.25 /WebM/instance/DEV02/profiles/IS_default …
because these was the parent, it was kill the jvm/jvm/bin/sparc9/java

now im trying to figure out how to start again the wrapper-3.5.25, and then start the java process again.

could you help me where i could find the correct script?

my application is over solaris operation system

Erick Rodriguez


(if this question is still open).

Just kill the java process (or have it shutdown from the web interface) to stop the remaining process.

Then look in the bin directory for a suitable script. ‘startup.sh’ seems to be a good start.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the help Gerardo, that did work, now its up and running.

Erick Roriguez