Warning:Invalid Credentials - Task Engine to connect to IS

I have configured System Settings on MWS and when I tried to check the server status I get this warning message
"WARNING: Invalid Credentials. Please validate user information for Task Engine to connect to IS "
I can confirm that I have the correct credentials but not sure what is causing this warning message. Our environment is running on MWS-7.1.2 and IS-7.1.2 with patch levels MWS-MWS_7.1.2_CL_Fix9, MWS_7.1.2_Fix8, TE_7-1-2_Fix2 and IS-TC_7-1-2_Fix1. We have same patch level on our development environments but do not see any such warning. If someone can throw some light much appreciated. Thanks, Beenu

I have checked MWS and IS logs and do not find any logging related to this issue.

Hi Beenu,

Got any solution of this, if yes, please share.