Want to transfer selected files from one folder to another u

Hi All,

My requirement is to connect to a unix sys using a WebMethod service and i want to transfer some selected files from a folder A to a folder B in that unix environment using web method service.

I want to supply the selected file names in the form of a flat file or xml file.

Could you please tel me how to achieve this in webMethods.

Thanks in advance…

I assume you have the xml string already and you want to do this with ftp. Under the WMPublic xml folder, the are services to take the string and get a node, then use the node to get a document. Once, you have that, if needed ,parse the names into a list structure unless already done.

When you finishing doing what is needed to get your filenames into a list, traverse it in a loop and and use the WMPublic client ftp service to log into the remote computer and execute the commands you need. The service names under the those sections are really straight and forward. Good day.

Yemi Bedu