Want to know Tutorial in WmFlatFileSamples package

Hi All,
i’m learning webMethods.
Here i’ve a doubt.
i found ‘tutorial’ folder under ‘WmFlatFileSamples’ and ‘WmSamples’ packages while using Developer. I want to do some samples on FlatFile.
does this tutorial explain step by step method?
Bcoz i haven’t found any docs in tutorial folder.
Please let me know how to make use of samples and tutorial.

Thanks for all,


Dear Ganesh,
FOr a step by step approach to learn Flat files, there are some flash movies in the pub folder inside WmFlatFileSamples package(WmFlatFileSamples\pub\movies).You can run these movies and it will explain step by step to create schema, dictionary and other things related with Flat Files.


Puneet Verma

Puneet Verma,
Thank you very much.
Your reply gave me a complete solution for all my queries.


how to create flat files

You can first check the “Flat File Schema Developers Guide” which has a stey-by-step chapter “Creating and Editing Flat File Schemas and Dictionaries”.

hai sir…
I didnt know exactly how to create flat file dictionary…i just tried but when ever i m executing it asking enter records…where i have to enter records…pls give replu


What do you mean by executing? Do you mean “creating” . If you don’t know how to create the dictionary then please refer to the docs and be more specific as to where you are stuck up and what the problem is



Have you got “WmFlatFileSamples” package… its has all types of examples…

Follow “Flat File Schema Developers Guide” accordingly…


hi this is ramji,
how to send the data from flatfile to xml

do you mean by receiving FF or converting flatfile to xml?

More Clarification needed…