Want to find out the particular map step service

Hi All,

My IS has many user defined services, I have one doc reference called ABC, this ABC doc has many child documents, one of the child document is XYZ, in one of the service this XYZ gets value by mapping statement, I want to find out exactly in which flow service the mapping was done for XYZ.

I tried the following steps.
I try to find the dependents for ABC,again it was giving so many flow services. It is really difficult to go by one by one.

If anyone knows how to see that particular map step service, kindly tell the same.


Try this : If its unix then “grep” on ABC.XYZ on IntegrationServer/packages.
You will get a list of node.ndf files which are using this field and then u can check it out.

If XYZ has been defined as a doc reference inside ABC, then do a ‘Find Dependent’ on XYZ.

If not, try with Sumit’s suggestion in Unix environment. If it is Windows, you can install some grep utilities like “Windows Grep” or something and do the same.


Thank you Senthil & Sumit, I tried grep only. it makes more time, since there are so many packages.