Need help: map not allowed to be invoked

Hi, I have good knowledge of EDI and worked for several years on the GXS AI tool. Now learning webMethods EDI mapping. I went thru the EDISamples mapping for X12 850 to XML.
In Flow service “X12toValues” under “BRANCH on /docProcessingSvcName” there is an invoke flow service. I used exactly the same for my X12 ‘214’ map but got the following error:
“‘ediTraining.EDItoXML:EDItoXML214Map’ is not allowed to be invoked (not defined in file services.cnf under package config directory”
Tried to add an entry of my Map Name in docProcessingSvcName Var.

If someone can help make this run from my package.

Note: I am using webMethods 10.11 trial version to learn.
Akhilesh Kumar

Check where wm.b2b.edi.util:invoke is invoked (find dependents) in the flow service, and see that the inputs to that invoke step are - that’s the service you need to add to services.cnf

Post the content of your services.cnf so I can take a look.

Have you reloaded the WmEDI package or restarted the IS after adding this?
I don’t recall if a reload/restart is required here, but give it a try.


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