webMethods.io: How to call a EDI map for translation

More than 15 yrs experience in EDI using other tools. Now working in webMethods to develop EDI maps. How can I call my map package in webMethods Designer from webMethods.io? Will I have to rewrite my map in .io B2B?

Hi @k.akhilesh ,
I am assuming that you have map developed on on premise IS designer and now you want to invoke the map from webmethods.io Integration

There are 2 approaches to it

  1. Use On prem Hybrid connection approach to invoke this map. : In this you have to set up the hybrid connectivity between you on prem IS server and webmethods.io integration. Once the connectivity is establish the map can be invoked .
  2. Use lift and shift approach. In this approach you have to deploy your code to cloud container and then you can invoke the map from webmethods.io integration.

Vikash Sharma

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Hello Vikas,
Thank you for your solution. I tried #1. (Attached is the file containing Snapshots of my hybrid setup for yr reference)
When I use Postman for testing then webMethods.io B2B hits the correct Rule and executes the correct FlowService, But the map does not execute.
Can you please help if there is any setting I am missing?
webMethodsQuestions.docx (662.9 KB)

Hi Akhilesh,
Can you please manually try to invoke on prem APP and see whether you are getting appropriate response.

Follow the steps to test on prem App

  1. Navigate to connector tab.

  2. select the operation and test it.

  3. if you are getting desired response then there is some issue with flow service implementation.

  4. If you are not getting the desired response from On prem App then we need to look the implementation at on-prem.

Let me know if this helps you

Vikash Sharma

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