Want to create a new user group for security reasons


We have some DSP pages UI for some users and they are calling wm services at back end to show results. Currently only users who has admin power can access DSP pages UI. But we have fear that they can do some wrong use of this admin power, so we are planning to create a new use group and want to give them a access to run the DSP pages only. I mean we want to secure our settings from this group.

Also we are planning to make a list of all the wm services which are called from DSP and in them in property we will set execute ACL to this new group.

Can anybody help me to tell me that after creating a group what ACL permission we should give them. So user can execute the dsp pages UI and also not able to change any admin settings (passwords and other admin stuffs).



You can restrict the access on DSP level to certain users by using a .access file in the DSP directory and at service level access can be controlled by setting the ACLs in the Permission settings of individual services.

You can get more information about these in the DSP developers guide and Administrators guide.