Walking with GFA Adapter

Hi Guys

For my immediate project I need to use GFA Adapter to connect to AS400. (I guess it is V5R2).
I wish to get some expert advice here.

I am supposed to call some “RPG Program” and pass some values and get some results. I think it is very much like a stored procedure call, well I am just guessing here, pls correct me otherwise.

I understand that I need to use jt400.jar and util400.jar from jtopen.zip. What version of jtopen would you experts recommend.

The documentation of GFA Adapter says it is supported on Windows 2000, my environment is actually unix, what are my choices, including a windows box if that is the only way.

Give me advices and hints here since we are going to have a tight schedule on this project once it starts.

Thanks and regards



No taker for this one