Adabas access from EntireX XML Gateway

I am installing the EntireX XML Gateway for trial. Our data is on Adabas OS/390.

The documentation is confusing :confused:. How does the XML Gateway access Adabas? What would be the steps that needs to be performed on the OS/390 Adabas site.

We do not have Jadabas.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rabia

You do not need to install Jadabas.

You will need to install and configure the Extended Transport Service (XTS). XTS is on the install CD. For v7.2.1 you will need to reinstall XTS as mentioned in the readme.

If you are accessing a mainframe database directly you don’t need to get involved with the XTS Proxy. Just make sure the mainframe Adabas is defined to the local XTS directory server.

By the way, what version of the Gateways are you running?

Hope this helps.


PS We would have replied sooner but this post should be on the XML Gateways.