Waiting for multiple documents of same type in Modeler

Dear All,

We have a requirement where we need to have an attribute which describes the document e.g. ‘Document Direction’ which indicates this is a kind of document which flows from Buyer to supplier.

I know that we can define attribute in the Document Type definition. This attribute is a document instance attribute and not which describes the document itself.

Has anyone come across this problem, and more crucially knows a solution for the same?

-Rajesh Rao

Rajesh, can you give some additional info as fi. the context of your problem. Why do you need the attribute & what is the actual purpose of it?


There are many documents that we have defined on out trading networks. Some of them are transmitted from Buyer to Supplier and some from Supplier to Buyer. Instead of hard coding the logic in the code, we would like to store a property of the document, which identifies the flow of the document. Obviously this attribute is not a document Instance attribute, but rather a document type attribute. We would like to know how this can be stored and later retrieved from the database. Creating a custom table and storing it there is the last option.

-Rajesh Rao


If I read you correctly, you want to assign a fixed value to any document attribute so that you can use it elsewhere (displayed in TransAnalysis, show up in pipeline, etc). You know, I been wondering the same thing for a while. Tried all kind of XQL. Then, just figured it out couple minutes ago. Here’s what you do:

  • Edit the doctype
  • Assign an attribute (e.g. UserStatus) to a fixed field, say rootnode.
  • In Detail, select String Substitution
  • To the right of the field, just enter the fixed value you wanted to assign!

So simple once it’s described, right?